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Larisa Berdnikova
Hello, colleagues!

My name is Larisa Berdnikova, I am a business consultant, author of coaching programs in marketing and management for representatives of the medical, dental, and beauty industry.

My mission is to help the directors of medical clinics, dental offices, aesthetic medicine centers develop their own businesses, increase their profits and turnover, and improve personal effectiveness."
Larisa Berdnikova
Over the course of more than 15 years of consulting activities, over 10,000 leaders of medical clinics and beauty industry enterprises have been trained by me and my company "ArtMediConsult." More than 5,000 administrators and 6,000 specialists and doctors have become our students, from 19 countries around the world and from more than 800 cities in Russia.
Trained specialists from
  • 19
    Countries of the world
  • > 800
    Cities of Russia
I am a speaker at international and Russian conferences
I am the head and the visionary behind the Conference for leaders in medicine and the beauty industry
The MedBusinessAcademy conference takes place twice a year, in the spring in St. Petersburg and in autumn in Moscow, bringing together leaders of medical organizations to receive relevant and highly practical information on marketing and medical business management, as well as to exchange experiences and network with like-minded individuals.
From June 29 to July 2, 2023, we hosted the tenth anniversary conference for owners of medical clinics "MedBusinessAcademy:
«NEW REALITY. Strategies for managing medical business in 2023-24 in conditions of turbulence»
We brought together over 200 participants – owners of medical and beauty businesses from all over Russia and the CIS countries. This year had a truly international composition: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan.
Throughout the conference, participants actively communicated with colleagues, exchanged experiences, and, of course, received the most relevant practical and valuable information from expert practitioners in the field of medical management, marketing, sales, personnel recruitment, patient care, and scaling.

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Together with my team, I train owners and managers of medical businesses in managing and promoting their companies. I also train clinic staff (administrators, doctors, specialists, marketers, chief physicians, treatment coordinators) and conduct corporate training and individual consultations. This includes conducting off-site training in Florida (USA).
As a result of training in my programs and personal coaching, clinic owners and managers:
  • Increase patient flow and clinic profits several times;
  • Increase the average bill for services;
  • Learn how to delegate and focus on strategic tasks;
  • Create a loyal and highly motivated team focused on impressive results;
  • Build a systematic business that can be managed even from another country;
  • Introduce performance indicators for employees and develop a motivation system to ensure every employee aims for high results;
  • Train administrators, doctors, and specialists in sales techniques and service communication
  • Establish an in-house sales department within the clinic
  • Create a marketing department within the clinic and build a systematic marketing approach
  • Master all the latest marketing tools in medicine and the beauty industry
  • Learn to promote clinic services through their employees' efforts
  • Create their personal brand and actively engage in personal promotion on social media
  • And much more...
About me:

Creator of more than 85 proprietary training programs
Doctor by education, graduated from the Vladivostok State Medical University in 1993;
Owner of businesses (Consulting company "MedBusinessAcademy");
Head and visionary behind the conference for leaders in medicine and the beauty industry "MedBusinessAcademy";
Business trainer with 16 years of experience;
Business owner for over 18 years;
Author of more than 20 educational guides for doctors, specialists, and managers on marketing, service, and management in medicine;
Author of 85 unique coaching programs and training for business owners, managers, and specialists in medicine and the beauty industry
Author of books: "Crisis Management of a Clinic or Salon from A to Z," "Valuable Employee: Find and Retain," "How to Take Clients from Strong Competitors", "The client is a god", "The clinic of the future".
Author and developer of books, manuals, and training guides:
  • Scripts and job standards for doctors and specialists
  • Scripts and job standards for administrators and managers
  • Job standards for treatment coordinators, chief physicians, service directors, development/marketing directors, HR directors
  • Welcome training for doctors, treatment coordinators, administrators
  • Book "How to Steal Clients from Strong Competitors"
  • Book "Managing a Clinic in Crisis"
  • Book "Valuable Employee: Finding and Retaining"
  • Book "The Client is a God"
  • Book "The Clinic of the Future"
85 proprietary training and consulting programs:
  • «Turnkey manager» - coaching program for owners and managers of Med&Beauty businesses.
  • «Personal brand of a clinic owner or doctor/specialist» - coaching program on personal branding for owners, doctors, and specialists.
  • «Turnkey marketolog» - coaching program for owners and marketers.
  • «Turnkey administrator» - coaching program for clinics, dental offices, and beauty industry enterprises.
  • «Crisis management of income - a practical course for owners of medical clinics, dental offices, and beauty centers.
  • «Treatment coordinator. Sales and service manager» - turn 1,000,000 into 2,000,000 without increasing advertising and promotion costs.
  • «Turnkey chief physician» - qualification improvement and skills development for chief physicians to INCREASE INCOME and ensure the safety of your clinic's operations.
  • «How can doctors learn the skill of effective communication and create loyal patients?» - a practical course - training with feedback and exercises for doctors and specialists in medical clinics, dental offices, and beauty industry enterprises
140 video lessons:
  • Sales in aesthetic medicine;
  • Workshop on building effective employee motivation to increase the income of a medical clinic or beauty salon;
  • Latest technologies for attracting and retaining clients;
  • How to sell without selling;
  • Star administrator of a dental clinic;
  • How to open a beauty salon, "All by Yourself" package
Мои коучинговые программы
Advantages of learning from me:
  • All knowledge is practical and tested in my clinics and those of my students.
  • You learn individually, and your staff's training leads to increased sales and higher income as a founder.
  • You get comprehensive management knowledge: How to attract a valuable employee, what motivation to prescribe to doctors and specialists, how to pay key employees.
  • Ultimately, you understand managerial marketing and can easily control your marketer.
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