Consultation with Larisa Berdnikova and experts from ArtMediConsult
For owners of medical centers, dental clinics, and beauty industry enterprises

My name is Larisa Berdnikova, I am a business consultant, author of coaching programs in marketing and management for business representatives in the fields of medicine, dentistry, and the beauty industry.
Larisa Berdnikova,
My mission and the goal of my team
To help clinic owners and managers, dental clinics, beauty salons, and SPAs develop their own businesses, increase their profits and turnover, and enhance personal effectiveness. Build a profitable business.
Consultations are always individual work
The duration of the consultation will be 30-40 minutes.
We will analyze and assess the situation in your company, identify growth points, provide valuable recommendations, and outline an action plan with you to increase income.
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Specifically for owners and managers of medical clinics, dental clinics, and beauty industry enterprises.
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Leading business trainer Larisa Berdnikova
Business development specialist in medicine and beauty industry, doctor.
Business trainer, specialist in management marketing, management, and income growth in medicine, dentistry, and the beauty industry;

Creator and owner of several businesses: aesthetic medicine clinics and consulting company "ArtMediConsult", project "MED BUSINESS ACADEMY"

Experience in managing own business: 22 years, 11 in medical business;

Owner of a medical clinic and a doctor by education. Currently teaches management and administration, conducts trainings, coaching sessions, consulting for medical clinics, dental clinics, beauty industry enterprises;

Author of books: "Valuable Employee: Find and Retain", "Crisis Management from A to Z", a book on service marketing: "How to Take Clients from Strong Competitors", "Clinic of the Future" and other practical guides on service and sales;

Creator of more than 85 proprietary trainings and programs.
Experts from ArtMediConsult
  • Natalia Kesaeva
    Expert at ArtMediConsult
  • Larisa Strubchenko
    Expert at ArtMediConsult
  • Lyubov Nikitina
    Expert at ArtMediConsult
Cases of our clients
Since 2012, our company
Organized over 300 successful online events
More than 10,000 managers of medical and beauty industry enterprises have been trained by us
Over 5000 administrators and 6000 specialists and doctors have become our students
From 19 countries around the world and from more than 800 cities in Russia
Our company has organized 10 major conferences for leaders in medicine and the beauty industry
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